The publication of the Nigerian Weekly Law Reports (N.W.L.R) started on October 1st 1985.

It contains the appellate courts decisions of Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Nigeria.

We have published 1,535 titles as at 31st October 2016. The Price is Two thousand Five hundred Naira (N2,500 per copy)


Comprehensive Index to Nigerian Weekly Law Reports

  is published annually to simplify legal research for legal practitioners.

It contains the followings

(1) Index of Cases Reported.
(2) Index of Subject- Matter of the Cases.
(3) Index of Nigerian Authorities referred to in the Cases Reported.
(4) Indexes of Statutes and Rules of Courts.

It facilitates and aids quick legal research. The Price is Thirty-Five thousand Naira (N35,000 per Set)


Supreme Court of Nigeria Law Reports (1956-1984)

It contains both reported and unreported decisions of Supreme Court of Nigeria.

It is unique being the only law reports that contains the unreported decisions of highest court of Nigeria from 1956 to 1984.


The Digest Of The Supreme Court Cases (1956-1984) In ten Volumes

More than 5,000 Reported Decisions of Supreme Court Digested

More than 1,500 Unreported Decisions of Supreme Court Digested

“The greatest set of Law Books ever published in the Black World”

Volume 1 .... General index
Volume 2 .... Evidence
Volume 3 .... Civil Actions
Volume 4 .... Civil Procedure
Volume 5 .... Criminal Law
Volume 6 .... Criminal Procedure
Volume 7 .... Appeals
Volume 8 .... General(Including Constitutional Law,
Interpretation of Statutes, Legal
Practitioners, Notable Pronouncements
Words and Phrases, etc. Etc)
Volume 9 .... Unreported(Civil Actions, Civil Procedure
and General)
Volume 10... Criminal Procedure and Appeals


How Nigerians Celebrated Gani Fawehinmi at 70 (Vols 1 & 2).

Contain all the activities of Nigerians that culminated in the celebration of the 70th birthday of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, LL.D, D.Litt, SAM, SAN. Read the stories of the birthday celebration of one of Nigeria’s greatest gift from God